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Easy 5 Minute Smoothie for Busy Moms

Moms are busy and a good morning shake is something we all need. Most mornings there isn’t time to make a healthy breakfast for busy moms. So, we need a healthy breakfast on the go and an easy breakfast idea to make at work. We’re also going to break down meal replacement benefits for busy moms. This Smoothie for Busy Moms is what you need!

Healthy smoothie ingredients are key for a good morning shake. Breakfast smoothie mix is a big deal and the main ingredient in a good meal replacement shake for busy moms like you. 

Smoothie for Busy Moms

This smoothie recipe is so perfect for the working mom whether you work in the office or you work at home. A shake that is delicious, healthy and full of nutrients is what you want to fuel you throughout the day. 

Why I love Smoothies to Start Your Day

Breakfasts are so important to start your day because, let’s face it, as busy moms we forget to eat. We are running around first thing trying to get everyone ready for the day that a lot of times we rush out the door and forget to fuel ourselves in the morning. Smoothies are quick and easy and with Usana your shake will taste amazing each and every time. 

Smoothie for a Busy Mom- Usana

Meal Replacement Benefits for Busy Moms

Busy moms need quick, nutritious meals they can make quickly and eat on the go if they need to. Usana meal replacement smoothies taste amazing and give you all the nutrients you need to get through your day. Our family needs us and we need to be at our best for them. Make sure you are fueling your body with the nutrition it needs and giving it the energy it needs to get through the day. A meal replacement smoothie for busy moms is exactly what you will get with this Usana meal replacement shake. 

Healthy Energy Smoothies

Smoothies to start your day are a fantastic way to start off your day with energy. Healthy energy smoothies get you going each and every morning with energy and this one is delicious. The base of this smoothie is made by Usana and has a low-glycemic index to help stop your carbohydrate cravings and provide you with the energy you need throughout the day. They keep you full and taste amazing. 

Energy Smoothies to Make at Home

You can make your Usana smoothie at home and then take it on the go. This recipe is so easy and tastes so good. You’re going to feel like you’re cheating and drinking a milkshake. I’m not kidding. Get ready to fall in love with this energy smoothie you can make at home. This smoothie won’t take you more than 5 minutes to make and as long as you have your Usana meal replacement shake powder then you probably have all the ingredients at home to make this delicious 5 minute smoothie everyday. 

Healthy Breakfast on the Go

Take your healthy breakfast on the go, as a busy mom you need something quick and ready to go. This recipe will do just that. Usana has two different flavours and both taste amazing with a little ice and banana you’re going to be blown away by how delicious your morning shake tastes. 

What I love most about having this breakfast smoothie with healthy ingredients is that I can take this to work and it’s an easy breakfast idea to make at work. I can make this at home and take it with me to work or I can just make it at my office. It’s just so simple to make and is full of healthy smoothie ingredients from Usana. 

Smoothie for Busy Moms

Why is a Smoothie a Good Meal Replacement?

The meal replacement shake from Usana is one that helps you feel full, has healthy smoothie ingredients and keeps you energized. It’s quick and easy to make, you can take it with you anywhere and you know you’re still getting the benefits of a good healthy meal. Usana is formulated to give you the healthy benefits you need to start your day. These meal replacement shakes are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Usana also offers these meal replacement shakes in a 5 day reset pack. Packed with probiotics, vitamins, minerals and your shakes you can take this 5 day rest pack and be amazed at how you feel. 

Usana meal replacement shakes and rest kit

5 Day Reset Pack Program by Usana

Healthy smoothies for the busy person’s life is life changing. To know that you’re getting a good meal replacement that’s fast and nutritious is fantastic. Knowing that you don’t have to skip meals and feel hungry all day to lose that bloat or manage your weight is amazing. The 5 day reset pack is fantastic if you’re looking to cleanse, reset and get back on track with your healthy eating. It’s also a great boost if you just need a little nutritious boost to accelerate you and motivate you to take care of yourself. 

It’s a perfect way to jump start your healthy eating. When I did this rest I felt amazing, it motivated me to eat right, take my vitamins and be active for at least 30 minutes a day. I stopped snacking after 8pm and felt so good. I lost some weight, my energy went up and I felt and looked great. The Usana reset is great for moms who are busy and need a little motivation and boost in energy. 


The Best Busy Mom Usana Meal Replacement Shake Recipe

This recipe is so simple and so easy you guys won’t believe how delicious it tastes. I have this smoothie every day, sometimes twice a day and I can’t wait to have it every single time. 

1 Usana Shake Pack (chocolate or vanilla they’re both so good!) 

6 or 7 cubes of ice

¼ cup of water

1 full banana

Put everything in your blender ( I use the ninja and love it ) and blend. 

Add more water to adjust your desired thickness 

Pour it in a fun tumbler and you’re all set! 

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Busy Mom Smoothie

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