Monthly Goals

We all have goals we want to accomplish in our lives and even daily. An effective plan for setting and achieving goals is essential to help us stay focused and happy.

Setting reasonable monthly goals is so essential for so many reasons. You need a plan; you need a clear picture of what you want today and where you want to go. I clear my mind and get focused before I plan my monthly goals by creating a dream board and doing a brain dump.

You will learn more about what a brain dump is in this post later on, and if you want to learn how to make your dream board, you can check out my post on that at this link.

The important thing is that you gather your thoughts, create a clear plan you can already feel excited about and a plan that you can already envision and feel what it feels like to be there. (also known as manifesting)

Good Monthly Goal Planning

Good monthly goal ideas are realistically timed and ones that you can achieve. So many times, we aim so high, and if we don’t complete or accomplish those goals, we feel like we’ve failed. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Monthly goal setting doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to leave us feeling defeated and unproductive. 

Setting goals and accomplishing them feels so good, and that’s the feeling we want to experience more often than not, so we keep going. Staying motivated and determined helps us keep going and allows us to avoid the plateau or the feelings of “I can’t” or “why am I even trying? “ It’s so important to stay motivated and keep our mindsets positive so that we keep moving forward towards our goals.  

Why Set Monthly Goals?

I’m sure you, like so many others (myself included), we set yearly goals at the beginning of each new year, and more times than not, they are massive goals.

Some examples of these types of goals are: I will get into the best shape of my life. I’m going to have the best financial year ever. I’m going to quit smoking and drinking. I could go on and on, but I won’t, you get the point. We want to focus on reasonable monthly goals to have.

Why are these goals so big?! Let’s break them down like this: I will move my body every day. I will try to save and make $___ each month for a year. I will start cutting down on my bad habits so that I can quit this year. 

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How to Set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

Setting your goals requires you to lay out your big plans first. Your big goals will be your yearly goals. They might even be spread into a few years depending. The first thing you’re going to do is pick one or two annual goals and write them down; then, underneath those, you will list what you need to do to achieve those goals and write those steps under your primary goals.

Now, you’re going to do the same thing underneath those goals. What steps do you need to take to reach those tier two goals? Keep going until you have all the steps you can think of to achieve your goals. Once you have an excellent flowchart ready, you can quickly see how you want to break down your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. 

If you need help planning your goals and creating a plan you can fit into your life, I suggest you look at this Goal Planner Bundle. Goal planners, monthly and yearly calendars, braindump pages, and dream boards are all at your fingertips.

Do a Brain Dump

Another great way to plan out your monthly, weekly, and daily goals is to do a brain dump. A brain dump is a way to feel less overwhelmed by writing down everything you have been thinking about onto paper. You will feel less anxious, and you’ll be able to prioritize your goals with a clearer head. If you grab my Monthly Goal Planner Bundle, you get a brain dump sheet and instructions included with dream board templates and so much more.

What are Good Daily Goals?

I don’t like to put too much pressure on my daily goals. I always plan my day ahead of time, and I try to be generous when scheduling the day. I like realistic and achievable goals—daily goals and planning your day so we can stay motivated and feel organized. If you plan too much or aren’t practical and forgiving on your schedule, you will feel down and unproductive. Be sure you’re giving yourself a grade when planning your daily goals.

Good Monthly Goals

What are Good Weekly Goals?

The same theory applies here. You always want to start from your monthly goals and work your way down. Make a list of everything you want to get done in the month, then break that down into four sections. Those are your weekly goals for the month; you divide the more minor tasks into your weekly schedule. Remember to be generous and give yourself enough time to feel productive and stay motivated. 

Goals for a Month

Your goals for the month are anything and everything that you hope to accomplish in the 30ish days we have for a new month. These include personal, work, family, and things you want to work on for personal development. Holidays that come up require us also to make goals so that we get everything we want done to celebrate the holidays.

Goal List Ideas

Here is a list of some ideas to get you started in a few areas of your life. These lists could go on forever, but I’ll keep them to the ones that first come to mind, and I believe it would help anyone looking for some inspirational goals.

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Goal Setting Ideas 

Personal Goals



-Read Self Help Books


-Move your body

-Do a good deed every day

-Practice gratitude 

-Practice breathing

-Listen to calming music

Business Goals

-Get organized

-Make a business plan 

-Research a pending topic for work 

-Make a daily schedule 

-Take new training

What Are Some Good Monthly Goals for 2022?

2021 has been another crazy year, and I know we’ve all had to pivot and change and do things that probably made us feel uncomfortable, but look back, did it make you grow? Did you find new ways to do something you needed to do? Did you get through some complicated emotions? When times get tough, we find the strength to get through things that we never thought we could. Goal planning is so important. Goal setting is vital in being happier and feeling good.

My advice for your 2022 goals is to be daring, reach for the sky. Make big goals that scare you and excite you equally. I also believe some categories are essential to keep in mind. You want to be sure you are making some Personal Goals and some Work Goals. 

Reasonable Monthly Goals to Have

Having goals helps you stay happy and motivated. It’s always a good idea to have something to look forward to, and setting goals allows you to reach new heights and be the best version of yourself.  Also, be sure to think about your self-care routine because taking care of yourself is also an important goal to have.

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