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Stressed out Mom

I have days where I feel so stressed out, all I want to do is cry, or throw a temper tantrum. Some days I feel like I have so much on my plate and nothing is getting done. Some times there isn’t any specific reason for my stress, I can’t pin point it and that drives me crazy. It is such a vicious circle of emotions. I’m sure I’m not alone. As a stressed out Mom of 3 I think I’d be crazy not to want to run away sometimes. 🙂 All Moms have days like this and all Moms are o.k to want to escape and have a break. We all want to be a better Mom and a calm Mom. Try these tips to reduce your Mom stress.

Stressed out Mom. We all stress, but we all want to be a calm, happy Mom.

Find Your Peace

What I mean about find your peace is find that activity that brings you happiness or a sense of calm. For me, I love taking a hot bath and just laying there in the quiet for a few minutes. I will also bring my book into the bath and read. The books I read are almost always a self help or a book to motivate and kick my butt into gear. This is my peace. I feel so much better when I take this time to myself and pump myself back up. This one requires you to tell the kids and hubby that you need some time to yourself, and that is o.k! We need to take time for ourselves. You can’t pour from and empty cup. Fill your cup ladies!

Having a bath helps stressed out moms

Deep Breathing

Remember when you were young and your Mom would tell you to take a deep breath when you were all fired up or about to lose it?! She was Riiight! Deep breathing is a great way to calm down. Go somewhere quiet for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths. All the way in and all the way out. 3 seconds in, 6 seconds out. Do that a few times and I bet it will help you calm down and get a little more perspective on your emotions. Sometimes we need to take a time out. I find taking deep breaths help me so much, especially if I’m outside. Make sure you are taking deep breaths and releasing all your air and then bringing it all back in.

Pray or Talk to the Universe

Even if you don’t believe in God or a greater being……talk. Get your thoughts out there, send them out to the universe, talk about what you want and all the amazing things that will happen in your life. Send out those positive vibes to the universe and let it do it’s magic. Trust me. It will do it’s magic. Come up with a mantra you love, something like. I have a wonderful life full of wonderful things, or I’m so blessed and I can’t wait to _________. Repeating positive mantras like this will help you feel better almost immediately. You are going to be surprised and how much positive come into your life if you implement this daily. Say, it, believe it, feel it.

Side note: if you want to learn more on mantras, the universal intelligence and making money get this book. I’m reading it now and it is amazing. Think positive and you will get positive back. I promise!

Praying and Talking to the Universe reduces Mom stress

Play a Game

Sometimes when I am really stressed out and feel like I just need a quick mental escape I will turn to a game on my phone or computer. It helps you zone out for a few minutes and takes a much-needed break. If you are on a desktop there are games you can play that are quick and easy to learn. There’s nothing like a game of Tetris or Neon Space Invaders to help me take a break so I can come back feeling a little more relaxed. If you want to find some fun, free games to play online like the games I mentioned above check out they have hundreds of fun games waiting for you to play.

Relax Your Muscles

This one is so great, especially before bed. This works wonders if I can’t sleep at night. Lay down and slowly start to relax your muscles. Start at the tip of your head and work your way slowly down to your toes. Relax each muscle one by one. Focus on every muscle, inch by inch. Once you’ve reached your toes and your totally relaxed, start tensing up your muscles again back up to your head starting at your toes. Inch by inch. Repeat this a couple times and you’ll be so relaxed. It helps to clear your mind and gets rid of some stress. Like I mentioned above, this is a great thing to do before bed. Sweet Dreams! XO

Always have a dream and reach those dreams. Moms don't give up.

You are an Amazing Mom

Always remember Moms, you are enough, you are amazing and being a Mom is not an easy job. In fact it is the hardest job you’ll ever do. You were given your babies because you are who they need. Take some time for yourself, make yourself a priority. Your kids need a happy healthy Mama. We all have bad days, we all get stressed, we all lose it sometimes. That is O.k!!

Set some goals, crush those goals!!! You are an amazing Mom and you can do anything!!

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  1. Great tips on reducing stress. I also like a hot bath.

  2. Oh yes, we all have those days where we feel like we just can’t handle one more thing! But, we do. A hot bath is one of the ways I relax too!

  3. TitleFreeMom says:

    Me too. It’s just so relaxing and peaceful. Also, you can lock your bathroom door so no one bothers you. lol

  4. TitleFreeMom says:

    Thanks!! Me too. It’s so peaceful. XO

  5. I recently started exercising at home and find it to be such a great stress reliever. Yoga after is great too!

  6. TitleFreeMom says:

    So very true!! Great way to feel better! I have to make this a more routine thing!

  7. As crazy as it may sound, I think talking to the universe has changed things for the better. I’ve been practicing this lately, just putting that positive energy out and telling the world what it is I need, and more often than not, it seems the universe is listening.

  8. TitleFreeMom says:

    Its not crazy!! Its so true!!! It works!!!

  9. I started doing affirmations with our girls. They are still under two so they can’t talk back yet 🙂 Sometimes we’re sitting at the table for lunch or something and I start talking positive about how much we are going to get done today and how things are working out for us. They just look at me. I know they are absorbing it though and it makes me feel great!

  10. TitleFreeMom says:

    That’s amazing!! I’m going to start doing this with my kids! I always talk to them about it but I am totally going to get them to do it too!!

  11. These are really awesome tips! I honestly don’t take a step away for myself enough to breathe. Sometimes it feels selfish, but I know that I’ll be a better mom if I’m a refreshed mom with calm nerves.

  12. This post is such a good reminder that we have the power to reduce stress if we can just take a breath and a step back and practice some of these great ideas. I’ve been having a lot of mommy stress lately (ugh, teenagers), so I’ll be putting your suggestions to good use!

  13. My mom does that clinching of your muscles thing and it really helps her. It’s good to see it’s not just all in her head and that it actually helps other people too!

  14. TitleFreeMom says:

    It really helps! It clears my mind and helps me focus on something else. I usually fall asleep very quickly afterwards. It’s so relaxing! You should try it!

  15. TitleFreeMom says:

    I’m so glad!! They help, I like that most of these are quick too. Doesn’t take too much commitment or time, but if you do want more time to yourself…I say….Spa day! that helps too! 🙂

  16. TitleFreeMom says:

    Thank you! Means so much! Xo

  17. Baths are my thing too.
    Door locked and my whole family knows it’s off limits.
    Unless the house is burning I am not to be disturbed

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