Before we get into this Plant Therapy review, let’s chat a little more about Plant Therapy as a company. They’re known for their essential oils and essential oil blends. Also known for having amazing Plant Therapy essential oils reviews but did you know they also have a great line of body care products, CBD products, and household products to choose from? In this post, we are going to chat about.

  • Is Plant Therapy a reputable company?
  • Is Plant Therapy as good as other companies like DoTerra
  • Is Plant Therapy all-natural?
  • Plant Therapy and the farms they source from.
  • Why Plant Therapy oils cost less.
  • And a bit about the Plant Therapy blog.

Is Plant Therapy A Good Essential Oil Company? 

Plant Therapy essential oils are quality, 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Plant Therapy essential oils are so great that they are quality tested at each batch, and each batch has a trackable indicator. Plant Therapy works very closely with their sourced farmers to ensure they are sourced ethically and that the highest quality essential oil is produced.

Plant Therapy oils are high in quality and pure in ingredients. They also have a certified organic line of essential oils you can choose from. Some of those include Bergamot, Blue Tansy, Atlas Cedarwood, Chamomile, Citronella, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and so many more.

This Plant Therapy essential oil review is to help you make an informed decision so that you can buy the best in quality and affordability.

Plant Therapy Reviews

Are Plant Therapy Oils Pure? 

The answer to this is yes!! Plant Therapy sources to find the best, and they don’t use any fillers in their essential oils. What you get is a pure essential oil, and I can tell you that they smell so incredibly amazing and exactly like the real source. I love diffusing my oils in their diffusers all around my home.

My current favorite is their fruit essential oil package. It comes with 6 amazing essential oils, and they smell like the actual fruit. This bundle comes with Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, and Tangerine. The lemon essential oil is my favorite.
Some oils that I’ve tried in the past gave me headaches and didn’t smell like the real deal. The Plant Therapy offers essential oils that smell amazing, and they don’t give me any headaches.

essential oils review

Testing and Transparency

The testing that Plant Therapy does for every batch of essential oils is very impressive. Not only do they test each plant therapy oil for review, but they also allow us to view the testing reports right from their website under the product you’re looking at. 

It says something when a company is so transparent about its products, and they emphasize educating. 

Check this out from their website…..

“Every bottle of essential oil that you purchase from Plant Therapy will have a specific batch code that tells us exactly which batch of oil is in your bottle. This information is also directly linked to the testing reports for each batch of oil. You can see each essential oils GC/MS report at any time by going to the specific essential oils product page and clicking on Test Reports.”

Why are the Essential Oils Cheap? 

One amazing thing you’ll find with Plant Therapy is that all their products and oils are affordable! Plant Therapy keeps things simple when it comes to its supply chain to keep the costs down for us.

They have built direct relationships with farms, growers, and suppliers, so the oils come from them to us. This is one of the ways Plant Therapy can keep the costs down to us. 

The other way they do this is by bottling and packaging all of their products in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since everything from filling the bottles to printing labels is done in one place, they can ensure quality and keep costs down to us. 

Another way they keep costs down is by providing the products directly to us. There is no middle man or retailer, and that allows us to save on those expenses. 

The Popular 7 and 7 Set

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Kids Safe

The first of its kind, a line of essential oils safe for kids over two to use. This line is not only for oils to diffuse but also for treatment for earaches, tummy aches, sleep, and so much more. Their Kids Safe Line is so impressive, and I’ve loved every product I’ve tried so far. 

Germ Destroyer Essential Oil

It helps protect from seasonal illnesses, helps immune and respiratory support, cleans and freshens the air, and more. The Plant Therapy Germ Destroyer Blend is great for so many uses, and it’s also available in the kid’s safe line. You can add it to a carrier oil to use topically too. ( please educate and read the labels and their site for instructions) 

Where Does Plant Therapy Get Their Oils?  

Plant Therapy gets their oils from farms and distillers worldwide, but what sets them apart is that they learn as much as they can about the farm, the distilleries, and suppliers before sourcing their oils. Each batch is tested even if it’s bought from a previously tested supplier. Each batch always gets tested to be sure it’s a pure and quality essential oil.

More Great Plant Therapy Starter Kits

Not sure how to get started with essential oils? Plant Therapy has some great essential oil sets you can get at a great price! 

Kids Safe Starter Set

Perfect to get started with Kids Essential Oils. The Kids Safe starter set that gives their most popular kids safe essential oils.

Kids Safe Roll-On Set

The last set is the kids’ safe roll-on set. Helping you get familiar with the roll-ons for your kids. 

Essential Oil Of the Month 

Another great option that is a great price is their Essential Oil of the Month Club. Every month you get new essential oils sent to you. I’ve copied the information for you from their site below. 

“Members have it best! When you sign up for the subscription, you’ll receive a 25% monthly discount, making your price only $15.00 a month. The Oil of the Month Club selection, in sizes ranging from 2.5 mL to 30 mL, will automatically ship straight to your doorstep.”

Top 32 Essential Oils Set

Dive right in and get Plant Therapy’s top 32 essential oils. This the perfect essential oil set to get you up and running with all the best essential oils. Take out the guessing and research and own a great collection with this starter pack.

More About Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy Review

Educating Customers 

Another thing that stands out about this brand is their Plant Therapy blog that is full of so much valuable information about the products and questions their customers might have. 

They’ve partnered with some amazing educated people to help educate their consumers and they’re constantly updating their blog to give us insight into the company and always keep us informed regarding safety, care, and the products they offer. 

They also have certified aromatherapists on staff to help educate their community. They work so very closely with the community so that we can all be educated on safe ways to use oils and all their products. 

It’s so powerful that Plant Therapy puts such a great effort to not only provide high-quality essential oil products but also educate so we can all enjoy the value that is offered by their products and what we are using on ourselves and in our homes. 

Is Plant Therapy a Reputable Company? 

I think we’ve all done some research on Plant Therapy essential oils reviews and after some researching, this is what I’ve learned. 

Plant Therapy has been around since 2009. They’ve grown and brought on board some great members to make this company trustworthy and reputable. Bringing on essential oil expert Robert Tisserand shows that they are serious about providing quality and care to their customers.

Their blog is all about transparency and education. Have a look at this taken from their website. 

“We know how important it is for our customers to know what exactly they’re purchasing. That’s why we include the botanical name, extraction method, country of origin, plant part, aromatic scent, and GC/MS report on every single essential oil product page. This allows you, our customer, to know exactly what you’re purchasing, and make the most informed decisions for yourself and your family.”

I think it’s safe to say Plant Therapy is a reputable company. 

Plant Therapy essential oils were started in 2009 by Chris Jones who saw a need for high-quality essential oils at an affordable price. Plant Therapy started as an online business selling quality essential oils directly to its customers. Plant Therapy’s online community quickly grew and Robert Tisser and joined the company as their Quality and Safety expert. 

Robert Tisserand is one of the world’s leading experts in aromatherapy and essential oil safety. He wrote the book called Essential Oil Safety that set the standard for the industry and home use. 

Robert Tisserand worked with Plant Therapy to develop the Plant Therapy essential oils Kids Safe line for kids ages 2-10yrs old. The first-ever Kid Safe essential oil line on the market. 

Is Plant Therapy an MLM Company? 

No, Plant Therapy is not an MLM Company, this is one of the reasons that they can keep the costs down for their consumers. The products go directly to us and there are no MLM salaries and bonuses to payout.

Are Essential Oils ok to Ingest?

This question needs a lot of information and there are so many things to consider when ingesting essential oils. I found this great article by Tyler Hagan, Certified Aromatherapist & SEOR Admin about the safe use of essential oils.
There is tons of information on the safety of ingesting essential oils. There is a lot to consider for these types of questions. Please be sure to do your research.

What are the Best Essential Oil Brands?

I can tell you if you haven’t already noticed as I write this plant therapy review that I think Plant Therapy is the best essential oils company out there. I haven’t seen another company that is so transparent about their quality and test results when testing essential oils. 

Certified Organic Essential Oils 

Plant Therapy also has numerous essential oils that are certified organic oils. They are USDA-certified organic. Here’s some additional information found on their site about this extra certification. 

“At Plant Therapy, we have always believed in exceptional quality and the purest of ingredients. From the start, we have made sure that we know everything about the farmers, distillers, suppliers, and plants. By having this additional certification, we can also proudly say that we are adhering to the strictest of standards to bring you quality organic ingredients.

Some of these standards include:

  • No GMOs: Genetically Modified Organisms are prohibited in organic products. This means that an organic farmer can’t plant GMO seeds and an organic producer can’t use any ingredients containing GMOs.
  • Clean soil: The land where the products are grown must not have had any prohibited substances applied to it for at least 3 years before the harvest of an organic crop. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering may not be used.
  • No harmful pesticides: Crop pests, weeds, and diseases are controlled primarily through physical, mechanical, and biological efforts. If for some reason these methods are not working, a biological, botanical, or synthetic substance that is approved on the National List may be used.
  • All organic, all the way: Operations must use only organic seeds and other planting material.

Fast, Free Shipping

I’ve made personal orders, and they always arrive so quickly. Within a day or two, I usually see a shipping notification. I love it when companies have such great shipping; I don’t want to wait long for my order to arrive.
Another great thing is that there is free shipping in the USA, and Canadians get free shipping over $75!

Huge Selection of Products for Your Home

Once I started reviewing some of Plant Therapy’s products I just couldn’t stop. I was blown away at just how many products they have to offer. I had to write this essential oil review for Plant Therapy because they offer everything from CBD products, essential oils (of course) body care products, household items like cleaners and room sprays, and even products to help your furry friend like their paw balm which my doggy loves!

I’m going to share some of my favorite items below and some that I can’t wait to try next!  

Multi-Surface Cleaner 

They smell fantastic, they work so well and they’re better than the leading household cleaner because they don’t have any harsh chemicals in them. Formulated with essential oils and plant-based ingredients it’s easy to feel good about cleaning your home with this multi-surface cleaner

You can also get their cute glass spray bottles to keep track of what scents you have since there are many to choose from. 

Plant Therapy Hand Soaps

I’ve tried so many of these hand soaps and I love them all. The scent is so nice and not overpowering at all. Fresh scents, feel great on the hands. I love having these hand soaps in all my bathrooms for everyone to enjoy.

Natural Deodorant

This is by far the best natural deodorant I have ever tried. I kid you not, this is so smooth, lasts and eliminates smell! It’s so good and is all I will ever use. It’s so hard to find a good natural deodorant that works but Plant Therapy hit a home run here. This natural deodorant is simply the best.

Plant Therapy Review – Let’s Break it Down

I’ve looked at a few other Plant therapy essential oils reviews and they all seem to share the same views as I do. They’re honest, transparent, and great at serving us information on their testing, safety and so much more. 

The other brand that I’d say it’s worth checking out is Young Living. Their products seem to be great but I find the prices a little higher. Still worth checking out! 

The Pros of Plant Therapy: 

  • Pure quality essential oils
  • Each batch is tested 
  • Results are available online
  • Their products smell amazing
  • They have so many great products which includes so much more than just essential oils
  • Shipping is Fast
  • Plant Therapy is a trustworthy brand always trying to give back and educate.

The Cons: 

  • Canada does not have free shipping, only once the order is over $75.
  • Prices are only listed in USD while shopping online. 

Honestly, these are the only things I can think of that would go under this category. I am so happy I found this essential oil brand and am a happy-paying customer. I love that their broad range of products helps me with my self-care routine, my daily routines including cleaning and products for anxiety and my pup.

Plant Therapy Reviews

All in all, I know you will be happy you did your research and looked at all the Plant Therapy Review essential oils reviews out there. It’s important to research and know what you’re buying. So far I am so happy with my journey with Plant Therapy. Their products are replacing many in my home and I feel good knowing that the essential oils are pure and the other product lines are also held to a high standard.

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