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Feeling Motivated

Think about a time where you had an idea and you were so excited about it! It made total sense and everything was so clear in your mind. You put together a plan and thought…”oh yes, this is it!” Did that feeling last? Are you still as pumped as you were when you thought of your idea or plan?

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Losing Your Motivation

It’s so easy to let our motivation fade. We live in a world of 9-5, Monday to Friday. You have to do this and you have to do that, this is normal, this is not. I could go on and on and on. We have been raised to believe that all this is “normal” so when we try to break that mold things get in our way bringing our motivation down. We start to question what we’re doing. People don’t get it and judge you, or don’t show support. Maybe your family and friends question you or ignore what you’re trying to do. Maybe you got rejected from something once or twice, or so many times you’ve lost count.

Staying Motivated

You Get Turned Down or Rejected

You hit a roadblock or got turned down from an opportunity you want. This WILL HAPPEN. Again and again. A lot. It’s o.k! The difference between people who succeed and the people who fail is that the ones who succeeded kept going and tried again. They found another way and they didn’t let a closed-door be the end. They found a window or another door. Don’t let a no or a failed attempt at something be the end.

You Don’t Get Support From the People Around You

This one can be tough and unfortunately happens a lot, but listen. They don’t get it, it’s not that they are being rude or mean. They just don’t understand it. It could be that it’s so out of their comfort zone that they are uncomfortable just thinking about it working or not working.

It’s Too Much To Ask, and Won’t Work

The bottom line is you can’t expect your family and friends to make your dreams come true. That’s a lot of responsibility and that’s not fair to put on them. In order for your dreams to come true, you need a lot more than support from your family and friends. That means if it’s money related or not. Let it go. They love you and support you, it’s not coming from an evil place. (if you think it is…that’s another issue)

Ways to stay motivated

It’s Too Hard

Yes, it’s hard and we give up. Again, guess what the difference is between the people who succeed and the people who fail? Yes…when it got hard they pushed through and eventually, it paid off. Don’t give up when it gets hard. If you truly believe in yourself and you can see yourself living the life you want to keep going. It shouldn’t feel hard to do what you need to do in order to reach your goals. Yes, it will be hard, exhausting, long, but you should still feel good about it all. If not ask yourself why.

Staying motivated is a powerful thing

Tips to Stay Motivated

What is Your Why

Really think about this. Why do you want this? Why do you want to achieve these goals? What will you do once your dreams are a reality? Who will benefit from it? Who will you help? What are you providing to people by doing what you’re doing? Write this all out and come back to it again and again. Anytime you need to refocus on what you’re on the path too.

Read a Self Help Book

Keep educating yourself. Read up on others who have already accomplished what you want. See what works for them. Reach out to them. Ask them what helped them. If they’ve read any books that motivated them. For me, it’s hands-down The Secret. Although I’ve read a lot of other great books since then this one got me into self-help and open to changing and wanting to better myself. I talk about this book in a recent blog post if you’d like to check it out later.

An excellent book to stay motivated

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

Today with the power of social media we have amazing access to people who think like us and want what we want. Feed off these people. Engage with them. Share your ideas with them. Together we can all win! There is so much money in the world. We don’t have to fight to get there first or compare or hide our secrets. Share!! We can all make it! Send out those positive and helpful vibes to the universe. It will repay out in a big way. 🙂 Negative people, miserable people, people who bring you down, avoid them. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

Get In Tune With Your Inner Self

Call it whatever you want. God, Jesus, the Universe, your subconscious, whatever you believe in getting in tune with it. Meditate, do yoga, pray, focus on your thoughts. Take a few minutes each day to chill, get quiet, listen and let your thoughts and the universe guide you. It will guide you! Take the few minutes of quiet each day and also, do something for you. Exercise, read, go out with a friend. Keep your mental state happy.

Don’t Give Up

Whatever you find helps you stay motivated to go back to it again and again! I have to do this all the time. If I find myself losing my focus I go read a self-help book, or I go talk to my husband (who is my biggest supporter) go find someone who thinks as you do, shares your goals. To mediate or read, have a bath and think. Do what you need to do to get pumped again! Message me! I’ll pump you back up! lol

Stay Happy and Motivated!

Once in a while, I need flowers and cupcakes as a pick me up….and so, I get some. Bottom line is, don’t give up. Stay motivated and make your dreams come true.

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  1. Love all the Tips, Thank you, I needed that!

  2. TitleFreeMom says:

    You’re so welcome! Glad you liked it!

  3. Great tips! I think every goal has these moments that are ‘give up moments’ and you have to be strong enough to push past them to succeed!

  4. TitleFreeMom says:

    So very true!!

  5. I love all those tips… especially the “what is your why.” I find this to be such an important questions to always come back to! Great information – thank you!

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