Things to do Each Month

Things to do Each Month to Feel Good

I’m going to break down the 5 most important things you should be doing on a monthly basis. Sometimes the basic necessities are forgotten and a lot of times it leads us to feel unmotivated, sad, lazy, and physically ill.

We need to stay on top of taking care of ourselves and today we’re going to talk about exactly that. Doing these things each month will leave you feeling happy, accomplished, and motivated. Using these 5 easy steps when you are planning your month will help you a lot, they are in my opinion the fundamentals of feeling organized, motivated, and happy.

Later in this post, I will go into more details regarding what to do at the beginning, middle, and end of the month. I’ve also created a free printable bundle that will give you all the lists in bullet form to follow each month with a monthly planner you can use to create an easy and productive plan. Goal planning for moms is so important, we don’t want to lose track of who we are what we want to accomplish.

Staying focused on ourselves and what we want to accomplish is ok and good for you and your family.

5 Things to do on a Monthly Basis

  • Set Your Intentions
  • Create a Plan
  • Schedule Self Care 
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Schedule Time to Move Your Body.

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Set Your Intentions 

What is it that you want to take with you into this new month? How do you want to feel? Can you feel it? Try to take a few minutes to really get clear and focus on those feelings of being productive, motivated, happy, excited, and full of energy. Stay with those feelings for a bit. Now, set your intentions on how you’re going to feel and what you’re going to do this month. Write them down. 

Create a Plan

Grab a monthly planner and create your plan. This is one of the things you should be doing each month. Fill things out in a way that will work for you. Add all the things you want to get done and make sure you are being reasonable about your workload and what you plan to accomplish. You don’t want to create a plan that will have you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, you want it to be doable, organized yet productive.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and understand that if you follow this plan you are totally fine to move somethings to the following month when you do your month-end check.

Schedule Self Care 

Schedule in your time for self-care. Do something for yourself, go out, meet with a friend, pamper yourself, or do anything else that fuels your soul. Mark it down on your calendar and make this just as important as a meeting or kid’s activity. Each and every month this is something you need to do, make yourself a priority! 

You aren’t able to take care of your family and the ones you love if you’re not taking care of yourself and feeling your best. For every month one important thing to do is schedule some time for yourself.


Clear the Clutter

If there is a place in your life that you see daily clear it out. This could be your closet, phone, purse, living room. Think of anywhere in the house that bothers you with clutter. Grab some bins and start organizing. I also love adding clear bins for my pantry and fridge. This helps me and the kids keep the fridge clean and organized. Fewer things disappear and get forgotten in the fridge.

Clear it out the clutter. We will get into this a bit more below. You will feel so much better when you do. Below we will get into this a little deeper but clearing the clutter from your life, especially places you see every day will help you feel more relaxed, in control, and organized.

Schedule Time to Move Your Body. 

Our physical health is the main pillar to anything else. Move your body. Take care of yourself. You can go for a walk, take your kids to the park or do a free youtube workout. Whatever it is, make moving your body once a day a priority, even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes. Each month, make sure you are planning time to move your body for yourself and your health.

Things You Should Do Once a Month

There are some things that I think need to be done each month so that we feel prepared for the following month and so that we can reflect on the month and what we’ve accomplished. We can also take the time to see if there is anything from the current month that we didn’t quite finish and want to make a priority for the next month. 

The things you need to do each month is all about having a clear picture of your goals and what you’d like to accomplish month to month and year to year. 

One of the ways to also make sure you do have a clear picture of your goals is by creating a dream board. I love the digital dream boards where you can create them and keep them on your phone and desktop. They will keep you motivated multiple times a day and remind you of where you’re headed each time you turn on your phone or laptop. 

List of Things To Do Once a Month:

  • Clear out old emails.
  • Check your budget and finances – pay your bills
  • Clear out your phone. ( home screen of old apps, photos etc.
  • Do a Closet Clean out. 
  • Plan for Self Care.

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Goal Planning Printable Bundle

22 Goal Planning pages so you can create your own printable planner. Calendars, goal planning journal pages and so much more. 

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What you Should do at the Beginning of Every Month. 

  • Plan Time for Your Self Care
  • Schedule in Time to Move your Body
  • Set Personal Goals
  • Let Go of Anything that Didn’t Serve you Last Month

Plan Time for Your Self Care. 

At the beginning of each month, I like to start the month by prioritizing some self-care and adding it into my monthly goal planner. We want to feel rested and energized to get the month underway on a good note. Take some time and schedule in some time for you, whatever it is that you can do for yourself this month add it to your planner at the beginning of the month so you know you have time for yourself planned during the month. 

Things to Do Each Month PIn

Schedule in Time to Move your Body

Moving our bodies is so important to our mental and physical health so it needs to be scheduled in just like an important meeting. I don’t know why but for me, this is always something I can easily put off for another time and then it usually ends up that I don’t do it at all.

Set Personal Goals

Essentially make sure you are setting your personal goals and not just your business goals. It can’t be all work and no play and you really shouldn’t neglect your personal growth and goals, I’m such a big believer that it all starts with how you are personally, your mindset, your emotional well being and your overall wellness. If you have a good handle on your personal growth then you will be well on your way to achieve all your business goals too. 

Let Go of Anything that Didn’t Serve you Last Month. 

Take some time to sit with your thoughts, what we want to do is think of times that we didn’t feel accomplished or happy and ask yourself why? We want to let go of anything or anyone that didn’t help us last month. This is about setting an intention to release those feelings from the past to make room for the good and exciting feelings in this new month. 

Stress free Planning pin

Here are Questions you can ask Yourself as you Think About the Previous Month. 

  • What made me feel really good last month? 
  • What made me feel really bad last month? 
  • What really worked well last month and what didn’t work well? 
  • What feelings did I experience last month and I didn’t like?
  • What do I want to feel like this month?

Write all your answers down and then write a list of all the things you didn’t like and say to yourself that you are going to release all those things and leave them in the past. Take your list of feelings you enjoyed and want to carry onto this month and tell yourself you are open to feeling each and everyone of those feelings.

What you Do in the Middle of the Month

In the middle of the month you should keep it light and simple, it’s a good time to do a quick glance over to see where you are in terms of your goals and what you wanted to accomplish in the month. 

Do a Quick Glance Over of Your Month So Far.

Keep track of all the goals you’ve checked off your list and what you still want to accomplish. If you want to make any changes make them now to move ahead feeling good and not overwhelmed. 

You can also make notes if you want to change anything in your planning for the months to come. The biggest thing here is to be sure you’re creating a plan that works for you, you don’t have to be busy all the time, you need to be productive, there’s a big difference.

Learn Something New

The other thing you should schedule into the middle of the month is to learn something new. It’s important to always grow your mind and learn something each month. That doesn’t mean you need to start a new course or read an entire book; it just means that you’re going to schedule some time to expand your mind.

Keeping our knowledge fresh and our brains working is a huge benefit that will help us stay motivated and energized to keep pursuing our dreams. 

Here Are Some Ways You Can Learn Something New. 

  • Start reading a book (self help books are a favorite)
  • Take an online course 
  • Join a new Facebook group
  • Watch a documentary
  • Research a topic you’ve always been interested in before
  • Reach out to someone who excels in something you’d like to learn. 
Learn something new each month
Reading a self help book

Things to do at the End of the Month

  • Check your finances, create a new budget for the next year
  • Reflect and review your previous month and your  monthly goal planner and add anything that you didn’t get accomplished this month into next month’s sheet
  • Clear out Your Closet
  • Clear out your phone 
  • Clean out Your Purse
  • Treat Yourself
  • Plan for Upcoming Events and Holidays

Check Your Finances 

Make sure you are on top of your finances each month, pay any bills that haven’t been paid, and adjust anything that needs to move over to next month now so you can start a new monthly plan on track. It’s so important to check your budget and financial planning frequently because money is a huge stress factor for so many people. Staying on top of your money and being aware of where you stand will lessen the stress on you throughout the month. 

Reflect on the Previous Month

This is the step that you use to see what you got done and how well you did at accomplishing your monthly goals. Of all the things to do each month this one is important so you can keep moving forward feeling accomplished and moving anything from this month to your new month while you’re filling out your monthly goal planner

Go through Your Closet

This part is one of my favorites. How good do you feel when your closet is clean? On the flip side of things, how easily does your closet become a mess and you have clothes piling up everywhere that you haven’t worn in months?

Make one of the things you do each month cleaning out your closet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to throw away clothes each month but have it organized and if there are clothes that no longer serve you then donate them. You start y

our day in your closet and you want to leave feeling organized, in control and happy, not frazzled and stressed out because you can’t find anything and/or nothing fits. Let’s start every day feeling confident and motivated to kick ass!

Clean out Your Tech

This includes going through your phone, ipad, tablet, desktop, and anything else you have that could use a clean-up. Delete photos you don’t need and organize everything into folders. We are on our phones so much during the month that we really need to be sure it is organized and functional so that it’s not overwhelming or stressing us out. When I have my tech organized and in place I feel so good and so it keeps me motivated and feeling good! 

Clean Out Your Purse 

This goes hand in hand with the closet clean out and tech clean out. You want the things that you see and use the most on a daily basis to be clear of clutter. Once a month make it a point to clean out your purse so you are organized and have everything you need in there. 

Another tip I love is having a separate bag at the front door that is for any running around you have to do. If you need to return something, put it in a separate bag, add anything you need to mail out or take back. This way when you are ready to leave you just grab your bag and you won’t forget any stops that you need to make.  

Treat Yourself

Self-care is so important! We have to be sure we are taking time out of the month to plan time for ourselves. One of the most important things to do each month is make sure you are taking time for yourself during the month. Make yourself a priority and spend time doing things that you enjoy and make yourself feel like you’ve rested and reset. 

Plan For Upcoming Events and Holidays

Have you ever rushed out to grab a gift because you forgot it was someone’s birthday? Have you ever had a holiday completely creeped up on you? Do you find yourself stressed out that now you have to rush around in order to prepare for the holiday? Yes, me too, that’s why at the end of each month think ahead and be sure to schedule that holiday that might be coming up next month. Add it to your printable so that you’re prepared and can plan ahead for it. 

Bonus: Fun Things to Do Each Month

  • Play games with your family
  • Join an event online
  • Join a Facebook group you’re interested in. ( there are so many)
  • Get together with friends
  • Plan a dinner party
  • Plan a date with a significant other, child or friend
  • Play a board game
  • Go outside for a hike or walk

Summary: Things to Do Each Month

Now that you’ve seen some important things to do each month, in the beginning, middle and end remember to focus on what works for you and how you want to feel each month. 5 easy things to do each month are the ones that I feel are a great fundamental method to monthly planning.

If you want to follow this full plan as I explained in this post don’t forget to grab your monthly goal planner package, it was created to help you easily manage your month and feel great doing it.

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