Prioritizing Family or Sticking to Schedules? The 6 Difficult Choices of a Grandmother

Have you ever been around someone who appears stuck in high school? Be it by their maturity level, behaviors, or need to revisit those times incessantly?


One user confessed they knew a guy who got their school emblem and mascot and a massive ‘CLASS OF 2010’ tattooed on their shoulder.r.


Jealous of Their Child’s High School Achievements

Another Redditor explained they used to work with a guy they called roid rage. He was very muscular and masculine, and he constantly let everybody know those things about him.


. School of Hard Knocks

Someone volunteered “Under “College/University in their Facebook profile; it says ‘School of Hard Knocks.”


“It Doesn’t Get Better Once You Grow Up”

“It doesn’t get better once you grow up.” Someone explained they told a substitute teacher at school that people told them this all the time, and she said, “the only people that say that are the ones that peaked in high school.”


Regularly Reposting Same High School Moment

Many people in the thread agreed that regularly reposting the same picture of their one notable moment from high school screamed, “I peaked in high school.”


Still Going to Every High School Football Game

Several thousand users agreed that people who attend every high school football game and sit in the student section live their dreams through their kids.”


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