10 Complex Joys in Life That Are More Than Simple Story

Everyone’s heard of the simple joys of life. But what are some complex joys of life? After polling the internet, these are the top-voted responses.

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Loving Healthy Relationships

“Finding a partner you feel content with, someone you can’t imagine not being around, is such a joy. Relationships work. They shouldn’t be unpleasant, but they are hard work.


Finishing Chores Early

Someone confessed, “I enjoy spending a whole Saturday deep cleaning the house, including a deep, deep scrub down of the shower/tub and complete turndown and washing the bedding.”


Spaghetti pie

“Seeing your child graduate high school and head to college across the country. Pride, love, loss, and fear mix in a complex feeling, but joy is at the center,” one noted.


Watching Your Children Succeed

“Likewise,” agreed another. “Going through those life experiences and knowing what you’re doing would make a lost loved one proud.

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