14 Easy Ways to Have a Productive Weekend To Rock a Productive Week.

Having a productive weekend doesn’t just mean that you have to get all the things done that you don’t want to do. It means you are taking care of things that are most important to you.

Ask yourself this, what does a productive weekend mean to you? To me it means I took time to re-fill my cup, I spent some quality time with my family and I got myself organized for another week or month.

A productive weekend means you’re organized, motivated, and in the right mindset to get things done. This means you’re practicing self-care, you’re reciting your affirmations and you’re ready to put that all together and enjoy your weekends and your life intentionally.

10+ Helpful Tips on How to Have a Productive Saturday

Plan out Your Weekend Ahead of Time

It begins during the week, plan your weekdays so that you can stay organized and keep planning your weekends.

Move Your Body Early in the Morning

Try to start your day by moving your body. Go outside and walk for a few minutes, do a workout or go for a job. Starting with some exercise in the morning will get you feeling good and you’ll be motivated to be productive.

Don’t Leave all your Cleaning for the Weekend

Unless you love cleaning, I suggest doing some during the week so you don’t need much time to catch up on the weekend. Do your bathrooms one day, dusting another, floors another.

Plan Your Upcoming Week on Sundays

Planning out your week on Sunday lets you see everything you’re going to get done by the end of the week, you will feel more prepared and organized leading into your week and that feels good!

Take Time Out of Your Weekend for Self Care

This is something you have to plan out. Block off a couple of hours, an hour, or even 30 minutes dedicated to self-care. You should use this time to do a face mask, have a bath, touch up your tan, etc, anything that you do for yourself. Paint your nails, or give yourself a pedicure.

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