10 Gaslighting Phrases Narcissists Use To Manipulate You

Being with a narcissist is an emotionally taxing and toxic experience. Several people gave examples of gaslighting phrases they endured in their relationships to serve as a warning for others.

Here are the top-voted examples.

You’re Being Negative Again. Here We Go With You Ruining My Day.

One explained that they were in a relationship with a narcissist. Whenever she brought up something that bothered her to hold him accountable, he would reply, “You’re being negative again. Here we go with you ruining my day.”


Oh, but It’s Perfectly Okay When You Do It?

Another explained that after her partner resorted to deliberating and maliciously attempting to hurt her (e.g., silent treatment, boundary violations, blame-shifting, playing devil’s advocate), he replied, “Oh, but it’s perfectly okay when you do it?”


Spaghetti pie

“Look at you crying and playing the victim,” another volunteered. She elaborated that was his response after his verbal abuse and yelling that resulted in her tears.


Look at You Crying and Playing the Victim

You Have a Twisted Way of Remembering Things

“You have a twisted way of remembering things,” shared one. “Uh, no. I remember the facts, and you have a version that doesn’t make you look like as much of a jerk as you were.” A second agreed, “Same here.


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