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10 Harmful Mentalities and Mindsets That Need to End

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While scrolling through a popular internet forum, I discovered an interesting thread.

Someone asked, “What stupid mentalities and mindsets need to end?” Here are the top-voted responses.

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One person said, “The mentality that just because someone is trying to help doesn’t mean you can’t tell them to stop.” Another added, “You could even argue it’s your responsibility to tell them to stop.”

10. Not Saying No To Unwanted Help

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“Stop comparing traumas. It’s not a freaking competition. Instead, learn to have empathy and care for each other’s mental health,” replied one. “I’d also add not to compare stresses,” another shared.

9. Comparing Trauma and Stresses Mentality

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One person said, “You’re entitled to speak your mind. You’re not entitled to have people listen, comply, or care. The people that say, “I’m just saying,” “It’s my opinion,” or “I’m just speaking my mind” sometimes act as if you can’t or shouldn’t challenge their words.”

8. My Opinion Should Be Protected

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“My opinion is as good as your evidence. Or that everyone’s views are equally valid. No, the guy with a Ph.D. and ten years of experience in the field’s opinion is more accurate than your ten-minute Google search,” one answered.

7. My Opinion Is as Good as Your Evidence

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Another added, “Or that I have to respect someone’s opinion. You’re entitled to have it, but how I feel about it is entirely up to me.”

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