10 Honest Things Men Aren’t Ready To Hear According to Women

One of the biggest joys in my day is stumbling upon threads I can learn from to be a better person. For example, while taking my daily scroll, I came across the question, “Women of Reddit, what are men not ready to hear?”

Stop Telling Us To Smile!

One woman shared, “I hate being told to smile. I’ve heard it so much. Just the other day, I had a man, easily 30 years older than me, when I was walking into the grocery store, say, “Smile for me, sweetie!”


Making Us Feel Stupid, Doesn’t Make You Smart

“Making us feel stupid for not knowing something doesn’t make you look smart,” one stated. Another added, “Nothing is less attractive than a man who makes people feel stupid.


Contain Your Internal Monologue

“You need to contain your internal monologue,” expressed one. Whatever makes you say, “You look good on your knees…” to me while I’m stocking cans at Target doesn’t need to exit your mouth.


It’s Not the Same Thing

“Only respecting women you’re attracted to isn’t the same as respecting women,” shared one. Another explained, “I like to call it putting on a fake mask to get in someone’s pants.” A third added, “If you write I RESPECT WOMEN on your dating profile, I know you don’t, and it’s an immediate swipe left.”


Saying You’re a “Nice Guy” Is a Massive Red Flag

“Saying you are a nice guy is like a restaurant advertising they won’t give you food poisoning. Anyone who tries to sell you certain positive qualities by name is not those things,” shared one.


Anger Is An Emotion

After someone expressed anger as an emotion, so angry men are emotional, another argued, “My therapist told me that anger is a secondary emotion and is the mask for a deeper feeling


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