10 Opinions About Women Proposing to Men Story

What is your opinion about women proposing to men? Several people from a popular internet forum weighed in on this question to deliver an authentic list of top-voted responses.

10 Honest opinions about women proposing to men from the internet.

This Isn’t Hollywood

Someone asked, “Why not? Just remember, the real world is not Hollywood. So the discussion of marriage should have already been discussed before the actual proposal.” Another shared, “Happened to me. No complaints. It was 20 years ago. My now-wife said I want to marry you. I said, ok. That’s it.”


It Makes a Man Feel Special

“I proposed to my boyfriend at the time. I don’t know if we’d talked about getting married before, and it just didn’t happen. He was finishing school, and I was working a lot. He had just finished his second to last semester, and we were relaxing at home. So I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t we just get married? Like soon?’ He was like, oh yeah.”


Spaghetti pie

“I did,” shared one. “My fiancé posted his ring like the typical engagement pictures women take and post and was thrilled. Also, I got to pick out my ring after, so it was a win-win.”


It’s a Win-Win

Nothing Should Stop You

Someone volunteered, “I think that anyone should be able to propose. It’s a sweet moment, and nothing should stop it.” A second responded, “Sure, anybody should be able to, but nobody ever should in the traditional sense.”


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