10 Seriously Worst Dates of All Time

What’s the worst date you’ve ever had? I remember mine. I went on a date with a guy who thought it was appropriate to tell me I had nice “Ta-tas.”

There was no second date. Here are ten more worst-date stories and scenarios.

One person shared, “Before cell phones were standard: She got dinged by a hit-and-run driver on the way to the date. Not horrific, but she needed stitches in her leg. Fortunately, a firefighter happened to be walking past and helped her out of the road and did First Aid.”

1. Hit-and-Run

She was super late but still showed up at my place. So I took her to the ER. We waited four hours before they took her away to do medicine. I waited another three hours searching for a positive mindset and trying not to worry.”

Another volunteered, “About 18 months after my wife died, I went on my first date. She asked why my last relationship ended, and I said, ‘My wife died.’ She was like, ‘I’m so sorry! When?'”

2. Took You Long Enough

“’18 months ago.’ ‘Well, it took you long enough to freaking get over!’ So I immediately went into my car and drove home with a quick pit stop in a supermarket parking lot to cry.”

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