10 Sleeping Tips for New Parents that Might Help You Catch Some Zzzs

Irregular sleep patterns, frequent feeding intervals, and near-constant soothing of newborns can all spell sleep deprivation for new parents.

In addition to being exhausted as a general matter of course, new parents are also tasked with navigating the best way to do things


Looking into Your Campground

Advice comes from every direction, and these disparate pieces of wisdom can make it difficult to discern truly helpful parenting tools from background noise, making finding a course of action for, say, maximizing sleep, hard to do.

Proper sleep goes hand in hand with mental health; getting a good night’s rest has been proven to aid in treatment for anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after birth, along with other treatment options.

While you may not be able to control the frequency of middle-of-the-night wakeups, altering certain pre-bedtime habits and daytime behaviors can help you maximize the sleep you do get.

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Create a strong sleep environment and relaxing bedtime routine

A study involving 10,085 mothers from 14 countries who claimed fewer than half of their young children and infants had regular bedtime routines, published in the May 2015 issue of Sleep, found that children with regular bedtime routines slept better and for longer.

Get the right sleeping swaddle

Swaddling—a secure blanket-wrapping method leaving only a baby’s head exposed—has myriad benefits, from protecting babies against their natural startle reflexes to easing anxiety by mimicking the womb or a guardian’s touch.

Prior to establishing their circadian rhythm, babies can follow extremely irregular sleep patterns. For that reason, it’s essential for parents to catch some Zs wherever possible—and the biggest opportunity presents itself as soon as the child falls asleep

Sleep when your baby sleeps, and go to bed when your baby does

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