10 Things People Admitted Really Helped Their Depression

Nearly 10% of Americans are living with depression. Dealing with this mood disorder can be an exhausting and overwhelming cycle of up-and-down moments.

So here are ten things people said helped their depression significantly.

Start at the Root of the Problem

“Depression is not something that goes away on its own. The only way to cure it is to figure out the issue’s roots and how to fix the problems causing it. The problem is that I don’t know what I can do,” shared one.


Seek Professional Help as Soon as Possible

“After my dad died suddenly, I had a serious breakdown a few months later. Eventually, I got medical and professional help. Best thing I ever did,” confessed one.


Spaghetti pie

“It didn’t work straight away, but the doctor said it is not something that works straight away, dosages might need changing, and I may need to try other manufacturers. But I stuck with Sertraline and worked the dosage out. And I’d always happily reiterate – best thing I ever did.”

What Makes You Blue, Shouldn’t Keep You Blue

Someone suggested, “Nothing truly cures your depression, so you’ll feel better each day. Sometimes you notice it, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you feel it, and others don’t. You never cure; you feel better. Someone or something will always get you down, but the question is, will you let it keep you down?”


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