10 Things Women Do That Men Said Are an Immediate Turn Off

Are you curious about what men agree to be complete turn-offs about a woman? While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered the question,

“Men, what is something women do that is an immediate turn-off?” Here are the top-voted answers.

Being Rude or Unkind

“Being rude or unkind,” replied one. “Especially to servers. Or hotel staff. Or taxi drivers. Or anybody who works for the public. Watch how people treat other people. Kindness goes a long way.”


Being Instagram Ready and Influencers

One man stated, “Being an influencer and constantly looking for Instagramable ‘moments’ and photo spots.”


Spaghetti pie

Another agreed, “If we need to stop what we or doing or wait to do things so that you can snap pics to post, it’s not going to go anywhere.”

Being Entitled

One man shared, “Being entitled. Not thanking anyone for anything people do for them because they think they deserve it.”


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