134 Powerful Gratitude Journal Prompts – Free Printable!

Gratitude journal prompts helps you practice gratitude and it has been shown to increase your quality of life and well-being

Writing down your gratitudes allows you to stop and reflect on the positive things you have in your life right now.

How You Can Use Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts.

Daily gratitude journal prompts are usually short sentences that ask a question that will get you thinking about the positive things you have in your life and feeling thankful.

Ways to Practice Daily Gratitude Each Day

One of the best ways to practice daily gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal to write your gratitude each day.

130 Gratitude Journal Prompts You Can Use Everyday 1. List three things you are grateful for right now. 2. Write down a time in your life that you felt the most joy.

3. List three people that make you smile. 4. Describe a time where you overcame a difficult time in your life.

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