11 Easy At-Home Self-Care Ideas for stress

Busy moms need a self-care plan, we need some time to recharge no matter what our current situation is. This is why I’ve come up with this at-home self-care plan. I’ll also go over why self care important for mothers, how to stay at home moms take care of themselves, and how you take care of yourself after becoming a mother.

Take a bath

Maybe take your bath tray in with some wine and your book and read quietly for a while. Let yourself escape and relax in your warm bubble bath girl, you deserve it.

Lotion with your Favourite Products

Take out that lotion and use it, it feels so nice on your skin and you can totally feel the difference when you take the time to moisturize.

Paint your nails

Find family members or friends with older or younger kids than yours and pass on your clothes to each other!

Use a Face Mask

Grab a face mask and pamper your skin once a week with a soothing face mask. Amazon has a great set that I love for quick easy to use face masks. This pack has a great variation for you to try each week.

Use a Hair Mask

There are some really great hair treatments you can do at home. If you’re looking for one to try, I love this hair treatment, it smells so good and is my favorite one to use, it smells like coconut heaven!


I love how yoga makes me feel and love how it helps my anxiety and stress. There are tons of YouTube videos that offer free yoga classes for you to try.

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