11 Easy At-Home Self-Care Ideas to Relax During the Holidays

Busy moms need a self-care plan, we need some time to recharge no matter what our current situation is. This is why I’ve come up with this at-home self-care plan.

Light some candles, drop a bath bomb, bubble bath, or some Epson salts in the bath, and relax.

At-Home Self Care Routine for Moms Take a bath

Take out that lotion and use it, it feels so nice on your skin and you can totally feel the difference when you take the time to moisturize.

Lotion with your Favourite Products

Give yourself a mani and pedi girl! Even if you don’t have all the tools you need, grab a nail file and some nail clippers and get those nails looking nice again.

Paint your nails

A face mask is something you can do in 20 minutes. Grab a face mask and pamper your skin once a week with a soothing face mask.

Use a Face Mask

Hair Masks are another thing I always forget to do. Our hair needs a little pampering too. There are some really great hair treatments you can do at home.

Use a Hair Mask

It makes you feel so good. Our bodies go through so much and yoga helps you release some stress and anxiety and it helps your body recover from so much wear and tear.


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