12 Daily Journal Prompts to Inspire You and Help You Thrive

Journaling can help you find peace, clarity and help reduce anxiety, and stress.

There are so many great benefits to journaling. It allows you to free yourself from feelings of disappointment, sadness, grief.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

A gratitude journal can also be in the form of a letter to yourself, a way to show gratitude for taking care of your own needs first.

I am Affirmations

I am affirmations written in your Journal is a beautiful way to make you feel what you have written. This is an excellent writing prompt for children too.

Health Journaling If you are looking to make healthy changes to your lifestyle, such as adding in physical activity or committing to adding more vegetables to your diet, jotting this down in a journal is a great way to keep you on track.

Goal Journaling Having a journal with your goals will also help you look back one day and do some self-reflecting on how far you’ve come.

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