12 of the Best Motivational Audiobooks for Moms

Love reading books but don’t always have the time? Insert Audible! Audible is all you need to enjoy books while you do everything else you want to.

We’re going to go through the best audiobooks to listen to, the best ways to listen to audiobooks for free and the most motivational audiobooks to read if you’re feeling like an overwhelmed mom and you’re needing some additional motivation in your life.

If you like reading about other people’s lives and getting inspired then I suggest reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Her story is truly inspiring and motivational.


My favorite audiobooks are from Rachel Hollis and Gabby Bernstein, they read the book perfectly and I can follow along and stay interested the entire time I’m listening.

Girl Wash Your Face

I love listening to Gabby, she is so inspiring and she often speaks about how she overcame her addictions and how her life has transformed. She truly allows you to believe you can do anything. Such a great listen.

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 

I had to put this one at the top of this list. 5 minutes of mindfulness for those times where you don’t have much time but need a quick boost is moral. This audiobook has fantastic reviews and I am adding this to my library right now.

Breathe Mama Breathe

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