120 Journal Prompts to Inspire You and Help You Thrive

Journaling can help you find peace, and clarity and help reduce anxiety and stress. There are many benefits to journaling and I want to help you find a way to incorporate journaling into your routine.

The journal prompts found in this post will help you if you’re ever feeling unmotivated to journal or need some inspiration.

I often refer to a mindset routine, a mindset routine is a practice that you do every day that helps you have a positive mindset.

The things you think play a huge role in how you react to things, and how you see things and basically affect your life each and every day.

Having a set of mindset tools like affirmations, practice manifesting, gratitudes and more can help you see the beauty in life and help you reach for the stars and accomplish your goals. I promise you, your wildest dreams are possible.

Daily Journaling Prompts to Keep You Inspired

Remember that journaling should never feel stressful or annoying. Journal prompts can help ensure that it is always a positive experience when you journal. The list of journaling prompts below is a great starting point.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

There are so many reasons, things, and experiences to be grateful for. Starting each day by writing even just one thing you are grateful down will change your day’s perspective.

Journal Prompts you Can Use Everyday

Create a wish list. Write to your future self. Your favorite hobbies. A list of your favorite things.

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There are many more journal prompts for you to use.


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