14 Good Monthly Goals to Have to Crush Life!

Setting good monthly goals is so important for so many reasons. You need a plan, you need a clear picture of what you want today and where you want to go. One way I clear my mind and get focused before I plan my monthly goals is by creating a dream board and doing a brain dump.

Good Monthly Goal Planning for Moms

Good monthly goal ideas are ones that are realistically timed and ones that you can achieve.

How to Set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Goals

The first thing you’re going to do is pick one or two yearly goals and write them down, then underneath those, you’re going to list what you need to do in order to achieve those goals, write those steps under your main goals.

Do a Brain Dump

Write them all down so you can clearly see them and organize them easier. This allows you to prioritize and you can add them where you know they need to go in your monthly goal planner.

What are Good Daily Goals?

Daily goals and planning your day so we can stay motivated and feel organized, if you plan too much or aren’t realistic and forgiving on your schedule you will end up feeling down and unproductive.

What are Good Weekly Goals?

Make a list of all the things that you want to get done in the month then break that down into four sections. Those are your weekly goals for the month, from there you divide the smaller tasks into your weekly schedule.

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