15 Free Things Online That Everyone Should Be Taking Advantage of


We all love free stuff, right? We’ve stumbled upon some pretty cool top-rated free things you can get online that you might not even know exist!

Free Self-Taught/Education Tools

“It’s a website that has compiled Psychology topics into easy to read modules. They have been compiled by psychology university professors to help facilitate free education for students. You can even download the ones you’re interested as a PDF as many times as you want. All of this is free!”

Noba Project

Imagination Library

“Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library if you have a child younger than 5. They send an age-appropriate book once a month. It’s amazing! I have so many books for my daughter since I signed up, and she loves getting them in the mail!”

Just for Fun/Interests

Unsplash - Another user said, “Unsplash is where you can get free photos of just about anything, provided by the photographers themselves, to do with what you like.”

10 Minute Mail

A user added, “Quick use and throw away emails for signing up for free trials and things of that nature.”


A car lover suggested, “ 1A Auto is a car parts supplier, but their videos show exactly what tools you need, what parts you need, and how to do a repair yourself.”

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