15 Great Jobs for Teenagers

Did you know that there are good jobs for teenagers to make part-time and full-time money and even those that qualify you for free college tuition?

Amusement Park Staff

As an amusement park worker, you can choose from various roles based on your interest and even score free passes.


Retail Worker

As a retail worker, you are expected to tidy up the store, stock items, and help customers at checkout. So if your favorite store is hiring, why not work there?


Truck Driver

While trucking might seem like a job for older workers at first glance, some high schools have started training their teens to become truck drivers!


Food Delivery

So if you have your driver’s license (or can get around on a bike easily in your town), you should consider becoming a delivery driver.



When it comes to good jobs for teenagers, lifeguarding springs immediately to mind. Becoming a lifeguard is as close to becoming a superhero as any teen can get.


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