15 Healthy Dinner Recipes That Make Good Use of a Dollar

Here are 15 healthy dinner recipes that make good use of a dollar. Add these great recipes to your meal planner and feel good about saving money and eating well!

Split pea soup

Whether you like it thick or thin, this made-from-scratch soup is very easy on the wallet and delivers on flavor every time.


Tuna pasta salad

A little pasta and a can of tuna and just a few minutes in the kitchen for stirring things in a bowl is all you need for this delicious dish.



This easy meal is just as great for kids as it is for adults. It’s a blend of pizza and quesadillas. Simple to make and affordable.


Pita bread pizza

You don’t need to spend a ton of money for pizza. Just make your own at home using pita bread! And this way, everybody gets the toppings they want.


Curried pumpkin soup

A can of pumpkin and a can of coconut milk is all you’ll need for this recipe. The rest is probably already in your pantry! Ready in minutes.


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