15 Pieces of Advice Older People Wish They Would Have Had

Imagine meeting a younger version of you – a 13-year-old with dreams, worries, and a whole world ahead. If you could have a chat with that younger you, what guidance would you offer?

Listen To What Elders Have to Say

To start, one person said, “It wouldn’t matter. They wouldn’t listen anyway.” Another person added, “13-year-old me would call me a wimp.”


Stop Smoking

A user added, “Never start smoking, it freaks you out every day, but you can’t stop.” A second user replied, “I’d tell me to talk to a therapist about anti-anxiety meds & meditation instead.”


No Drinking or Drugs

A comment was, “You would be wise not to drink or do drugs. A 13-year-old me would surely ignore this advice and proceed to repeatedly mess up.


Wear Your Retainer

A second reply was, “THISSS never did & now my teeth have moved a lil. Most likely gonna have to get Invisalign.”


No One Matter Right Now

A user said, “None of those awful people matter. AT ALL.”Another user added, “This is a lesson many people don’t learn until much, much later, sometimes never… Pay mind to the things and people you love. Your energy is finite.”


Tell The Truth

One person replied, “Tell the truth, and don’t be bullied into lying to save someone else’s backside.”


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