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15 Stars People Are Embarrassed To Say They Find Attractive

In the glittering world of celebrities, admiration, and attraction often take center stage. Today, we explore the intriguing question:

Celebrities you are embarrassed to admit you find attractive?” Let’s embark on a journey where we set aside conventional beauty standards and celebrate the allure of unique charms.

15 Stars People Are Embarrassed To Say They Find Attractive 

Ken Jennings

To begin, someone was embarrassed to admit, “16-year-old me is here to tell you that I had a huge crush on ken jennings during his original Jeopardy run; enough that my mom had the picture of him and Alex Trebek with his total winnings printed onto my birthday cake that year it was him and an assortment of local weathermen.”

Johnny Knoxville

One user replied, “Johnny Knoxville has been my celebrity crush since I was a kid (30 now). I don’t think it’s a weird one, but I rarely get people to agree with me on it .”

A comment was, “Littlefinger. Not just the actor who I find very attractive, but I thought Littlefinger, the character was super hot. I know he’s supposed to be horrible. Still hot, though.”


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