15 Ways to Move Past Bad Financial Decisions so you Can Keep Manifesting More Money

We all make bad financial decisions at some point. You don’t want to dwell on those financial decisions and allow them to create a money block.

You want to move past the wrong financial decision by learning from it and then letting it go. Dwelling on a bad financial decision will stop you from manifesting more money in the future, so you want to eliminate the negative thoughts as soon as possible. Here’s a great post on how to overcome a bad financial decision.

Acknowledging Bad Financial Decisions and Taking Action

Even if you’ve made one of the worst money mistakes, a smart first step is to simply acknowledge your misstep, take a step back, and – at first – do nothing. A rash attempt to fix a problem can actually make it worse. Once you’ve accepted and assessed the damage, you can put a recovery plan into action.


Taking Steps One at a Time

A better bet is to break your larger goals into a series of small, achievable steps. Each time you accomplish one of these mini goals, you’ll likely feel a sense of accomplishment.


Do Not Shame Yourself, but Forgive Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. Even if you have been doing your best, it’s possible to have a credit card balance get out of hand or have your identity stolen after you accidentally clicked on a fishing link in an email.


Improve Your Money Mindset

If you have a positive money mindset, you will likely make better money decisions. Having a negative view, on the other hand, can keep you from setting goals and taking positive action. For example, if you think you will never get out of debt, you may not feel motivated to even try.


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