16 Facts People Wish They Knew Before Becoming An Adult

As children, we yearn for adulthood, but as adults, we often long for the simplicity of our childhood. If only we had foreseen what awaited us in the grown-up world.

We believe that getting a job and having financial stability will solve all our problems, yet we remain oblivious to the countless challenges no one warned us about or equipped us to handle.

All About Boxes

Another Redditor wrote, “My guest room closet has two ginormous boxes shipped from Walmart and about 20-30 various sizes boxes all stacked perfectly by size. 2 years and growing.

Friend Challenges

A second user responded with, “Thing about friends I learned is quality over quantity. Three good friends are better than 15 that will turn their back on you in a time of need.

Jobs are Hard

Another popular comment read, “When I came home from college and was living with my parents while I saved up some money, I got my first “real” 9-5 job.

Food Problems

Another Redditor replied, “Not just the figuring out but also the cooking of. Even if you meal prep, it still takes up a lot of mental energy and time.”