18 Profitable Passive Income Streams

Making money while you sleep is a dream come true and it’s what many women are after. I know my goal is to eventually have 7 streams of income and I’m hoping a few of those will be passive income streams.

While investing can seem so daunting we’re bringing you 18 of the most profitable passing income streams. Save this post for whenever you’re ready to up your investing game.

What Is Passive Income?

Who doesn’t want an extra source of income or some extra cash to splurge here and there? Well, passive income is the best income stream that you can have. It’s cash flow without considerable effort.

Truly Passive: Purchase and Forget It

Income From Stocks

A Bond Ladder

A bond ladder is a portfolio of multiple bonds that mature at different times. When the bonds mature, you can reinvest the returned principal in new bonds and start a new ladder or continue adding on to your current one.

Income From Interest

You can earn passive income with interest when you loan money to someone else. For example, you can loan banks money in the form of a high yield savings account, and you can lend businesses money in the form of bonds. But you also earn interest when you loan money to peers.

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