25+ Journaling Ideas You Can Use for the New Year Story

Journaling has been a big part of my development journey. It’s how I get things off my chest, focus on my goals and try to stay in alignment with what I want in life. Journaling ideas are great to help you get started.

Journaling is therapeutic to me now and something I do every day. Today I want to share some of the ways I use my journal in hopes that you can find some motivation to start your journaling practice.

25+ Journaling Ideas for you to Find Your Journaling Practice.

Daily Log

Sometimes the difficulty in starting a journal or keeping up with journaling is figuring out what to write about. A daily log is a great way to start. It can be point form or complete sentences. Even if it seems silly to jot down that you had a coffee and a vegan smoothie for breakfast, you will soon see your journaling evolve into so much more.

A List of Things That Makes You Smile.

Writing about things that make you smile is a fun and inspiring writing activity. Fun, because we all have things that have made us smile in the past and things that made us smile in the present moment.

Your Favorite Quotes

Need to feel inspired or to inspire others? Making a list of your favorite quotes is a great way to help motivate you or others. Keeping this in a notebook that you carry with you is one way to ensure that if you ever need a pick-me-up, your favorite quote is right at your fingertips.

Your Goals

When was the last time you wrote down what your goals were? It’s probably been a while. And it’s probably an activity that can be daunting. Writing down your goals makes them real.

Your Family

Your family is a topic worth writing about for many reasons. It could be that you are proud of the family you have created. Your children’s antics make you laugh, you have a partner that goes through the ups and downs of life with you right by your side, or they all drive you nuts, and you need an escape!

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