5 Easy Star Wars Themed Snacks to Make with Your Kids this May 4th!

Are you throwing together a last-minute May the 4th celebration? Whether you’re inviting a couple of friends over for a movie marathon, or just marking the day casually with your kids, here are 5 super easy and simple Star Wars-themed snacks.

No Cooking or Baking Skills? This is the Way.


1. Sith Cupcakes

To get started I made “Sith Cupcakes.” I took a box of Red Velvet cake mix, made the cupcakes according to the box, and then topped them with frosting. We used vanilla frosting with black gel food coloring, but chocolate would work just fine and only a small amount of black gel food coloring would be needed.

2. Death Star Popcorn Balls

Next, I made Death Star popcorn balls. To make these popcorn balls you’ll need – 3.5-ounce package of plain microwave popcorn – 10-ounce bag of Marshmallows – 1/4 cup butter

R2D2 Oreos

To make the R2D2 Oreos, simply melt your white candy melts on the stove or microwave, then dip your Oreos in it, covering the entire Oreo. Set each Oreo aside onto wax paper and top with blue sprinkles.

Storm Trooper Marshmallows

Simply take a black edible marker and draw the Storm Troopers face on a marshmallow. We stuck ours on sticks but I have seen them added onto cupcakes with white frosting, which are adorable also.

Yoda Guacamole

I drew the shape of Yoda’s head onto some parchment paper and then cut it out and placed it onto my serving dish. Then I took my guacamole and started covering the cut out parchment paper until his head was covered.

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