5 Forms of Imposter Syndrome and Ways You Can Overcome Them Story

We talk a lot about big dreams here at Motherhood Life Balance. We want to feel fulfilled and not lost in motherhood.

While we do our best to keep a high frequency of gratitude and determination to manifest the life we want to live, sometimes you can feel like an imposter, and imposter syndrome can rob you of your high vibes.

Let’s learn more about imposter syndrome and what you can do to shift out of that frequency and back into your high vibration.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is a form of self-doubt, a mental pattern of believing you are not good enough to have achieved all that you have achieved.

The “Perfectionist”

You feel something is not worth doing if it’s not done 100 percent correctly. Any tiny mistake can make you feel like a complete failure, unworthy of how far you have gotten so far.


The “Superperson”

You take over many different roles, overexerting yourself as you try to be the best in everything you do. You set yourself up for burnout as you try to do everything at once. You link your worth to fulfilling all the roles.


The “Expert”

You have the need to learn everything possible and are disappointed when you don’t have the answer to something. You may find yourself constantly wanting to further your knowledge. You want all of the answers.


The “Natural Genius”

You expect everything to come easily to you, you may feel failure when something takes extra effort or time to learn. You feel like intelligence should be natural so when you struggle, you feel like a fraud.


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