5 Minute Smoothie for Busy Moms

Moms are busy and a good morning shake is something we all need. Most mornings there isn’t time to make a healthy breakfast for busy moms.

We need a healthy breakfast on the go and an easy breakfast idea to make at work. We’re also going to break down meal replacement benefits for busy moms. This Smoothie for Busy Moms is what you need!

Why I love Smoothies to Start Your Day

Smoothies are quick and easy and with Usana your shake will taste amazing each and every time.

Meal Replacement Benefits for Busy Moms

Usana meal replacement smoothies taste amazing and give you all the nutrients you need to get through your day

Healthy Energy Smoothies

Healthy energy smoothies get you going each and every morning with energy and this one is delicious.

You can make your Usana smoothie at home and then take it on the go. This recipe is so easy and tastes so good. You’re going to feel like you’re cheating and drinking a milkshake.

Energy Smoothies to Make at Home

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