6 Best Countries To Live In that Won’t Break Your Budget

I love adding new places to my vision boards and you know I’m a big believer in manifesting your dream life so I thought this article was a great fit for anyone dreaming of moving somewhere new that offers less stress, affordability and beautiful surroundings. Enjoy!

As a country filled with beautiful scenery, Switzerland ranks as one of the best countries. The surrounding Alps offer opportunities to ski and snowboard.



According to CNBC, Taiwan ranks as the number one country for expats.


U.S. News ranks Canada as the best country to live in based on the quality of life.


Portugal is one of the highest sought-after countries for expats. It is not just a country in the E.U., but it is one of the most affordable countries in the E.U., offering many opportunities to new immigrants.



Considered one of the healthiest countries, Australia boasts about being active through various sports activities.

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