6 Simple Steps to Help Reduce Anxiety and Fear

Fear is something we learn from at a very young age. It can help us navigate away from danger, to keep us safe but it can also stop us from achieving so much in our lives.

How to Reduce Your Anxiety

Meditation allows you to clear your mind, relax, and release some of the stress you carry around with you every day.


Taking long deep breaths will help you gather your thoughts and calm down a bit. Breath so you can make a decision about your situation and come up with a plan.


Fresh air will do wonders for you. Getting outside is a great way to hit that reset button when you feel anxious or nervous about something.

Get Outside

This one seems pretty simple and it really is! If you are feeling anxious or feel like fear is taking over, take a minute and put on some calming music.

Listen to Calming Music

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