8 of The Best Self-Help Books for Moms

Books can be so helpful and I believe they should be a part of our everyday lives. They can take us away into a land full of wonder and love, they can help us feel motivated and determined.

Inspirational Books for Moms

Books to inspire, motivate and empower you.

Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink 

Katrina Alcorn tells her story about how she had it all and was still unhappy. A good job, supporting boss, wonderful husband, three kids and yet she still had a breakdown. Sharing her inspiriting story and what she did and adding some research about careers and work lives.

Becoming – Michelle Obama 

I haven’t read this book but I can’t wait to read it. In this book, Michelle invites us into her world and shares her stories as a girl living in the south side of Chicago to her days in the white house. She is an inspirational woman and I can’t wait to read her story and learn from her.

No More Perfect Moms 

A book highlighting that motherhood is not perfect, life is not perfect. We are dealing with mental health, raising kids and daily life is crazy. Changing the way we see perfect and accepting the reality, the messy, unorganized realities of motherhood.


I’ve seen the movie (it’s so good) and read the book. This story is so heart warming. It tugged at all my heart strings and reminded me of all the wonder and joy in the world.

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