Lacking Motivation- One Small Step at a Time

Hope you guys all have an amazing day and if you’re having a blah day like me, I hope this helped motivate you a bit more! I feel better!

We all Need a Little Motivation

When I have blah days I try to break it down. Hour by hour if I have to. Today I felt like I needed to take it easy. I took some time for myself once the baby was having a nap and I laid down for a bit and just relaxed.

Listening to our Thoughts

It’s so important to listen to your thoughts, something magical could be there and you’re too busy to hear it!

Break Down your Goals

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take the things you have to do and break them down into little things. Focus and get a little motivation going about the next hr and what you want to get done.

Focus on Today

Going back to that big goal. Break it down by day. What do you need to do today to feel accomplished? I’ve started to do this recently and it really helps.

Give Yourself Credit and Use it as Motivation!

We all deserve more credit than we get, so let’s give ourselves that credit ladies! We rock, we are killing it and we will all reach our goals one day, one step at a time!

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