First Week of School Must Do’s To Add to Your List Story

It’s that time of year again, back to school! As a parent, you know that the new school year means lots of work, stress, and money! Getting the kids ready to go back to school or even start school for the first time can be challenging.

There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it because time flies through the summer, and before you know it, you have one week until your kids start school again, and you have a long to-do list. This guide has the five most important things to do when getting your family ready for back to school.

First Day of School Tips for Younger Kids

Going back to school means a lot of shopping! There’s so much you need to buy, which can feel overwhelming. There are some great money-saving hacks when buying back-to-school items.

Go Back to School Shopping

Start Getting the Kids On A Schedule

Summer tends to mess up kids’ schedules. Kids typically go to bed, wake up, spend more time on electronics, have sleepovers or late nights with friends, etc. And getting out of that routine can be a challenge.

Getting an excellent refresher before the school year starts can be good. Read books, use flashcards, play educational games, etc. Find different ways to review the things the kids learned this last year to prepare them for the new year.

Include Educational Activities Every Day

It’s a good idea to deep clean the house before school starts. Odds are, the place got pretty messy over the summer, and there’s not as much time during the school year to get the house super clean.

Deep Clean & Organize the House

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