The Ultimate Self Help Book

I used to read romance, it was a great way to relax, wind down. Escape. I thought this was a form of self-help, and to a degree it is. Snuggled up in your bed and you crack that book open and read.

The Secret

After reading this book it gave me ability to better control my thoughts. As soon as I caught myself thinking anything negative or scary I quickly thought about something that  made me happy.

The Power of the Universe

The Secret tells you stories about people who have done just this. The Secret is a book I come back to again and again anytime i think i need to reset my mind and get focused again.

Self Help Books Will Change Your Life

If you don’t have anyone to pump you back up! Reading these kinds of books gets my mind back on track and focused on what I want and what I'm going to do to get it.

Make this Book and Any Book Your Own

I highly recommend highlighting the parts of this book that you really connect with & want to remember. Whenever you need a quick boost open the book and re-read.

The Ultimate Self Help Book

The Secret is the first book to really explore your mindset. It’s powerful and it can change the way you look at life and your life.

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