25+ Great Journaling Ideas: Journaling Samples You Can Use

Journaling has been a big part of my personal development journey. It’s how I get things off my chest, focus on my goals and try to stay in alignment with what I want in life.

Journaling ideas are great to help you get started. Today I want to share some of the ways I use my journal in hopes that you can find some motivation to start your journaling practice.

1. Your Favorite Quotes

Need to feel inspired or to inspire others? Making a list of your favorite quotes is a great way to help motivate you or others.

2. Your Best Motivators

Keeping a personal journal filled with what motivates you best is a way to help these reminders front and center in your life.

Making a list in a journal or diary of the Angel numbers is essential because to understand and receive your Angels’ message, you need to know where you were and  what you thought.

3. Angel Numbers


Writing down your goals makes them real. Writing them down requires you to think about what you need to execute to achieve those goals.

4. Your Goals


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