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Floral Pattern

222 Things to Be Thankful For Hack: Quick Mood Boost for Working Moms

Being thankful it’s just for thanksgiving. Gratitude is a very powerful tool that you can use to find more balance in your life and raise your frequency. So let’s start creating a gratitude list here.

1. Air conditioning. 2. Good friends. 3. Clean water. 4. A best friend who is always there for you, no matter what.

222 Things to Be Thankful For Hack

5. Making that last payment on a big loan. 6. The feeling of sand between your toes. 7. Making someone else’s day just by being yourself.

8. The sound of waves crashing against the shore. 9. The sight of the oceans. 10. Healthy food. 11. Your grandparents.

12. Surprises. 13. A really comfortable pair of sweatpants. 14. Hot cocoa on a cold night. 15. Childhood memories.

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16. Freshly baked cookies. 17. Fuzzy kittens. 18. Watching a baby giggle. 19. The feeling of finally crossing something off your to-do list.

20. A good book that transports you to another world. 21. A delicious home- cooked meal. 22. Fresh bed sheets straight out of the dryer.

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