12 Best Travel Apps for Better Vacations With Less Work

Traveling during covid has just made planning a trip even more complicated, with testing and entry requirements changing by the day. Luckily there are some incredible travel apps to make these tasks more manageable for you!

The Currency App

The Currency App is best for when you need to convert currencies on the go. The best part about this app is how easy it is to use without having too many bells and whistles.



Couchsurfing is best for travelers who want to meet locals and make friends while traveling. The best part about Couchsurfing is that it’s free and connects people from around the world.



Skyscanner collects prices from the various flight, hotel, and car rental providers and allows you to compare them. After comparing prices, you can book the airline’s or hotel’s website or another reservation agent like Hotwire or Expedia.



The app offers advice for planning exciting road trips that will make the most of every leg by providing suggestions for detours and stops recommended by travelers who have already been there.



Hotel Tonight is a last-minute hotel booking app that claims to provide discounted rooms from hotels with excess inventory. It is similar to other last-minute booking sites like Priceline.


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