Best Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms

Nearly every industry is moving toward contract and freelance work, while part-time and telecommuting positions are on the rise.

The following 13 jobs include most of the highest-paying options that nearly any mom can start. These jobs range from entry-level to advanced, too, so there’s something for everyone.

Virtual assistant

Moms who are interested in working from home as virtual assistants can also create their own businesses and offer a variety of virtual services.


Social media manager

People who do well in these jobs like to engage others in lively conversation and provide interesting links to articles, videos and other media to attract website visitors.



If you’re a mom with a strong sales background and excellent writing skills, copywriting may be a great avenue to earn additional money on a freelance, work-from-home basis.


Grant writer

Grant writers also need to be organized and have excellent communication abilities, since they need to interact and chat with clients and potential donors frequently.


Corporate travel consultant

With full-time and part-time schedules, moms with excellent customer service skills and a desire to help others will find success in these roles.


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