Envy vs Jealousy. There’s a Difference and Here’s How to Overcome It

Child psychologists and pediatricians have recognized that today’s lack of play contributes to children’s overall lack of well-being.

Board games to teach social skills to kids is a great way to have fun and continue to develop this important skill.

For five years, it’s been the best-selling preschool game for a reason. It’s easy to play. Little kids love to spin the spinner and feed their squirrel five different colored acorns.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

While it seems simple, it introduces the concept of rules, turn-taking, following directions, and winning and losing to preschool-aged kids.


Slide the zinger, make a visual match, and fill your picture bingo card to win! We’ve been playing this game regularly for years in our house, and it’s so much fun no one realizes it’s teaching reading fundamentals as well.


While the game’s goal is to move your piece through the board, no one wins until everyone gets to the end. This approach focuses the fun on playing and not necessarily winning, keeping the tears away.

Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

These games are great for kids of any age. You can even enjoy them yourself. Be sure to take time out of your life to enjoy yourself with your kids and family.

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