Food Costs Keep Rising, Cheap Dinner Ideas Can Save Your Budget

According to the Consumer Price Index, food at home costs increased by 6.5% last year. The most significant category increases included meats, poultry, fish, and eggs.

These increases have significantly impacted the average household grocery budget and meal planning for family dinners.

A crockpot is a useful kitchen tool for busy families. It cooks a meal while you’re at work, saves the cost of using an oven, and allows you to feed a large family.

Cheap Crockpot Meals

1. Chicken or beef chili 2. Chicken and dumplings 3. Vegetable soup 4. Pot roast and veggies 5. Beef stew

More cheap crockpot dinner ideas:

Casseroles, or one sheet pan dinners, combine foods that create a standalone meal. Casseroles use versatile ingredients and recipes can be adjusted to feed small or large families.

Easy Cheap Casseroles

Pasta dinners provide many food choices that are affordable and delicious. They are often a simple meal favorite that kids love too.

Pasta Dinner Ideas

Potatoes can be prepared in multiple ways to create different dishes, and a baked potato with a few add-ons can make a cheap dinner meal.

Meatless Meals

Sometimes you’re a busy family on the go and need a cheap dinner idea with little to no cooking for an easy weeknight meal. A sandwich can meet both needs with a few simple ingredients.

Sandwich Ideas for Dinner

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