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Cheap Dinner Ideas to Battle the Rise in Food Costs

Has your grocery store bill increased lately? Prices keep rising in stores across the United States.

According to the Consumer Price Index, food at home costs increased by 6.5% last year.

The most significant category increases included meats, poultry, fish, and eggs.

These increases have significantly impacted the average household grocery budget and meal planning for family dinners.

Cheap Dinner Ideas to Battle the Rise in Food Costs


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Drink lots of Water

A crockpot is a time and money saver for meals in multiple ways. A crockpot is a useful kitchen tool for busy families

Cheap Crockpot Meals


Girl Wash Your Face

– Chicken or beef chili – Chicken with Italian dressing or salsa (shredded to add to pasta or pair with a veggie) – Vegetable soup

cheap crockpot dinner ideas:


Casseroles, or one sheet pan dinners, combine foods that create a standalone meal. You probably have some traditional casserole recipes from your cookbook that are already a hit.

Easy Cheap Casseroles

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