The 10 Best Countries To Live In that Won’t Break Your Budget

During the last couple of years, my husband and I have often dreamed of where we want to live once the kids are older and we’re free to vacation months at a time and possibly retire somewhere.


As a country filled with beautiful scenery, Switzerland ranks as one of the best countries. The surrounding Alps offer opportunities to ski and snowboard. Since the countries of the E.U. are very close together, it makes it easy to connect with a quick car ride or jump on a train to see many of the beautiful places in and around the E.U.



Taiwan ranks as one of the best countries to live in for expats. According to CNBC, Taiwan ranks as the number one country for expats. A couple of things make Taiwan such a great country to live in for quality of life. Taiwan offers one of the best healthcare systems globally with a simple 2% tax for their National Healthcare Insurance.



Canada receives some of the highest marks from U.S. News and World Report for economic and political stability. U.S. News ranks Canada as the best country to live in based on the quality of life. Canada consistently ranks high for the quality of life because of healthcare and education for families.



Portugal is one of the highest sought-after countries for expats. It is not just a country in the E.U., but it is one of the most affordable countries in the E.U., offering many opportunities to new immigrants.



Singapore is a special place that has thrived from years of being a leader in the Asian business industry. It is truly a mix of East and West combined with many cultures coming together in a melting pot of what makes Singapore such a unique place to live and work.


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